Selling Handmade Goods on Your WordPress or Shopify Site? Use the Handy Website Theme

It’s all the rage, lots of us are now selling our handy hand-made products on Etsy, Amazon or even our own sites. If you haven’t already started your own site, you should definitely check that out!


Handy is a website theme that starts out as a template for your WordPressor Shopify site and which you can easily customize to your liking using its handy (get it? Handy!) built-in customization tools.



The Handy template is beautifully designed


The theme sports a very lush design with a gorgeous interface that spreads out the shop items nicely around the screen, giving them space, but not too much space, so that everything looks really professional for your customers. This is complimented by Handy’s stylish font choice and color palette. But if there’s something you don’t like out of the box, don’t worry! You can change it! The developers of the Handy theme wrote a really simple guide.


The Handy template works well


This template was most recently updated in May of 2018, and is continuously getting new features as the years go by. It’s compatible with all kinds of web browsers: those on your computer and the ones on your phone and get this!: the website adjusts the the size of your screen (big or phone-sized) and it looks great all the time. That’s what’s called responsiveness. Handy right? Not only that but it’s compatible with a powerful store app for WordPress called WooCommerce. Basically, whenever you visit an online store, if it’s not a Shopify site, it’s very likely that it’s a WooCommerce Based site.


So check it out! This site is a beautiful (and handy!) home for your handmade products.


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