How To Deal With A Partner That Travels A lot

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You may find yourself in a situation where you are either married or living with a spouse that happens to be travelling a lot either for personal reasons or for work related reasons. They may be gone a couple of times a week or they may be gone for the whole week all together. This may bring high tension into a relationship as the other partner that is left at home may feel resentful for so many different reasons. In the even that they have children together the partner that remains at home may feel as though it is unfair since they now have to take care of the home as well as the children on their own for the moment the other spouse is travelling. The partner that remains at home would (understandably) miss the partner travelling and if care is not taken feel as though the partner that travels a lot does not give them the same appreciation and care. It is a very tricky situation, especially when one partner has to travel for business related reasons as their work is also bringing financial support and stability to the family therefore the partner that remains at home may feel as though they are being ungrateful for complaining. Business men and women such as Nadine Gourkow tends to travel a lot, that is an established fact. Though nothing could be done about it, they can always ensure that the other party is not offended by this but rather understands why those decisions need to be made. Here are a few steps to take in order to truly deal with a spouse or partner that travels a lot.



Small Steps To Take In Order To Deal With A Travelling Partner


One of the first steps to take in order truly combat the anxiety of having a partner that travels frequently is to acknowledge the fact that it is actually causing you anxiety! If you are not able to come to terms with yourself and acknowledge the fact that it is causing you grief you will never be able to overcome the anxiety. A lot of people simply ignore the feeling and ignore the fact that they are feeling much pain and bitterness and then take it out on other innocent people; their children, their colleagues, the friends. Once you have acknowledged the fact that you are feeling this way you can then try to understand why the other person is having to take these measures. Is it their fault? Is there anything that can be done to avoid this situation? Can an arrangement be made to better accommodate both partners? In the even that no arrangement can be made then you must ask yourself how long will this situation be occurring for and is it something that you can deal with? It would take some soul searching but once you are able to decide whether you can or cannot deal with the situation then you would be more apt to handling the situation all together. Let us assume that you can deal with the situation and that you will simply fill the temporary void with responsibilities and different things to do. Think about what you can do, would it be a moment of “me time”? Will you spend more time with the children? Will you do some reading? Will you work more? These are all things to consider. Being also very open about the situation can greatly help you as your partner will then get a better understanding how their behaviour is affecting the relationship and affecting you.



It is not a good idea to take on more than you can handle. Life is usually simple and though busy travellers such as Nadine may be up and about on a regular basis they still find time to focus on important things such as family therefore we should all be able to do the same.

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