Hong Kong Resident Company Secretary

There are requirements that need to be put in place when one is setting up a company in Hong Kong. There is a need for a company name, company address, company director, and a company secretary. A company director can be from any other country while a company Secretary needs to be a resident of the place. Rules and regulations of the company set up in Hong Kong requires a Hong Kong resident company secretary who is a resident of Hong Kong.


There are reasons as to why a company secretary needs to be from Hong Kong. In a daily situation, a person who has the knowledge or background of the area is in a better position to know the area and execute a given task in a more appropriate manner. A


Secretary is in charge of organizing the company’s activities. Most of the communication from the director are passed to the members through the Secretary. The Secretary plans the director’s calendar and gives appointments to clients who want to see the director. This is a person who has a lot of knowledge about the company. She or he also organizes the company’s activities and gives permission to anyone who wants to see the director.


There are benefits that are attached to having a company Secretary from Hong Kong


The Hong Kong resident company secretary can be able to switch language so as to reach too many residents in the area making them the company’s client. They help in translation of language to eliminate the issue of language barrier.


They also offer better services when Setting Up HK Company as they are well known in the area. They can bring more sales translating to more profit. Getting a trusted person can be very tricky especially to a foreigner as there are many scammers found on the internet. One can find one through recommendations from the consultancy firms. These firms are legally registered to help foreigners from falling into the hands of scammers. One needs to get one online and inform the Secretary what the company does so that they can be aware of what goes on with the new company.


There are some disadvantages of getting a resident Secretary as she or he may plan with the locals to vandalize the company without the director’s knowledge. One needs to be very careful while choosing one. One should also consider the amount charged to avoid getting an expensive one who will not work according to or a cheap one who will make the company to get losses. An agreement is signed to make the work legally recognized.

In conclusion, a company Secretary from Hong Kong will bring many benefits to the company as she or he will be able to do away with language barriers. The Secretary will also be able to get more clients to purchase with the company all the times. The disadvantages are less and can be avoided by the company getting into an agreement which will be legal while they are signing up the secretary. Profits will be maximized when the hindrances have been reduced.

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