Handy Just Keeps Growing!

Take a quick look at Dollarama, Aramark or the French Canadian company Lassonde’s stock charts. They’re straight lines up and to the right. Handy isn’t a public company but it sure is headed in the same direction. This summer, Handy reported a spike in demand for its home cleaning services and among that, there was a 40% increase in Manhattan alone. Plus, earlier this summer, Handy announced a partnership with Walmart. It’s not a bird, nor a plane. Look out it’s Handy!


The College Idea That Took Off


The two co-founders Osin Hanrahan and Umag Dua were studying together in college when they had the shared idea of ordering a handyman service online or through an app, much like you’d do with Uber. At the time there was no such service other than Craigslist and its variants…but those were online billboards, not a dedicated service. So Hanrahan and Dua set out to create one in 2012. Handy has grown a tremendous amount since it was started and now serves multiple cities in the US, Canada and the UK.


An Interesting Partnership


Prior to this summer, Handy has been testing its new Walmart service at roughly 25 locations in Austin. It was successful. Now, the company just announced that Walmart will be launching its furniture assembly and TV installation services nationwide at over 2000 of the 5000 Walmart locations. These services can be bundled with a purchase and are going to make the purchase process a lot smoother, not to mention it will make Walmart stand out from its competitor, Amazon.


A Great Culture


The co-founders attribute part of their success to the challenging but also nurturing company culture. That elevates its people’s capacities and skill, but also keeps them loyal to the firm.

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