Brad Roemer’s Top Tips For Opening Up Small Spaces

Brad Roemer and his team of design enthusiasts have mastered the art of making small apartments and duplexes look bigger than they are. There are many tricks that they have hidden up their sleeves, but one of them that they wish to reveal to you is quite easy. It’s all in the paint strokes that make up your apartment walls. That doesn’t mean that you must avoid darker hues at all cost. Meticulously playing between dark and light colors will allow you to showcase an elongated apartment and hide more bulky furniture.


Living the Studio Apartment Life

Here’s how you do it. Let’s take Brad Roemer’s first apartment as an example. Before he made it as his own boss, Roemer bought a small studio apartment in Oakland for about $250,000. He barely had any room to hide in his newfound home, with the living room, dining room and bedroom all knuckled together as one and a small crevasse of a kitchen that led to both doors: the bathroom and the exterior door. So how did he make it work?


Choosing the Right Mystery Colors

Since his studio apartment was very small but long, he accentuated the long walls by painting them in a dark black colour (the paint color was “Onyx” by Benjamin Moore, to be exact). He then left the short wall with the two windows a cream color so that the eye falsely sees the entire wall as a source of light. Finally, his sofa, bed and rug were a neutral cream color that matched the ceiling and small wall colors. All accent colors were also in the same beige palette, such as choosing white tulips and metallic pink satin pillows. When it came to storage units and the dining room table, he chose to paint them the same exact color as his walls. This way, they would blend in and not look bulky.


Spread the Light Right Back Into Your Space

As light is not prolific in a small studio apartment, there are tactics that can be used to help spread it as far as possible. First, when choosing furniture items on the opposite sided of your apartment, opt for a mirrored armoir. Also, a great purchase idea is to buy a large floor-length mirror so that you can both check your outfit and offer back more light into your living room area.

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